Samuel Trail [1808-1877]

If he were alive today, Samuel Trail [1808-1877] would be 208 years old.  He would also probably be really, really racist.  Nonetheless, he was my Great (4x) Maternal Grandfather.  He lived nearly his entire life in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia and had 6 children with Eveline Brown [1812-1891] . Harpers Ferry, of course, was a place of great importance during the Civil War and Samuel found his home surrounded by mostly armorers (he himself was a carpenter).

Rosanna Eliza Williams Gardner [1865-1922]

Today is the 151st birthday of Rosanna Eliza Williams Gardner [1865-1922], daughter of Robert Newell Williams [1831-1906] and Sarah Priscilla Loghry [1848-1917] and my great-great paternal Grandmother.

Benjamin F. Cresse [1845-1929]

87 years ago today marks the death of my Great (x3) Paternal Grandfather Benjamin F. Cresse. Born in February 1845 in Indiana, Benjamin was a Private in the 22nd Light Artillery Battery out of Indiana during the Civil War starting in October of 1863 at the age of 18.