Christmas Party Time

Last night was the night of our friend Stephanie’s Christmas Party, held at her house. I am not normally a fan of Christmas as opposed to other holidays since it always seemed a little sad and lonely, but I’ve been warming up to it as of late. I don’t know where my social anxiety comes from, but it’s nice to let down my guard every once in a while and have some good conversations with friends. Both Kerri and my mothers came, as well as Kerri’s sister (Megan) and my niece (Tristan). Although I still feel a little down around the holidays, events like these help to make me enjoy them a whole lot more. Flickr Set: Stephanie’s Christmas Party


This is the first post.

This is the first post on our new blog. This is an update to our wedding blog, which you can continue to access here. My goal for this site is to provide information to friends and family about the events and goings-on in our household. To the left are links to the wedding site as well as our photos, stored online at Flickr. So, we hope you enjoy the new blog. Please let us know what you think!