Gardner & Gdovin Genealogy

I am getting more and more into Gardner & Gdovin Genealogy to explore the history of my family.  Please feel free to contact me or use the links below to find out more – even if we’re not related, it might be interesting!


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  1. Hi, Jeff! Benjamin Cresse was my great, great, great grandfather as well. My name is also Jeff. LOL! We have pics of Ben, Ruth, Stella and 3 of Stella’s kids. I’d be glad to share them if you like. We also have Benjamin’s official discharge papers from the War. I believe he was 18 when he got out!

    This is my line:
    Benjamin Cresse  + Ruth Unknown
                          Stella Cresse + ? Nethercutt
                             Coral Nethercutt + Charles Mack
                                Coral Colleen Mack  + William Eugene Fair
                                    James Eugene Fair  +  Rebecca Ruth Watson
                                      Jeffrey Eugene Fair  

    1. Hi Jeff! Thanks so much for reaching out – I would *absolutely* love to see those photos and papers. Are you on at all? My email address is jeffrygardner – at –

    2. Interesting – I was looking around my tree to see if I could add anything but I have Coral Colleen Mack marrying John Bernard Gildersleeve but no notations or anything for this.

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