Edna Evelyn Skaife Gardner Hartwig [1910-1989]

While searching for more information on my Paternal Great Grandmother, I found her in this 1925 Yearbook of the Curtis Agricultural College.  She must have enrolled after marriage, as her married name is included in the yearbook itself.  Unfortunately, her husband Floyd would die just 10 short years later.  Curtis School of Agriculture, as it was known at the time, existed in several forms from 1913-1968.  According to the UNSA Historical Website: The Nebraska School of (NSA) Agriculture was created as an agriculture high school. At that time in history, most students ended their formal education in eighth grade. If a student wished to continue his or her education, he or she would have to attend a state high school and, in most cases, that meant leaving home to live on a high school campus. In 1911, the Nebraska State Legislature voted to build an agriculture high school somewhere in southwest Nebraska. Curtis won the bid for the school and construction began. The school’s Agriculture Hall was completed in 1913 and welcomed its first students in the fall of that year. Since the school was a state institution, no tuition was charged. Room and board cost $4 a week and the students stayed in the “best homes in Curtis”. Eventually dormitories were built to house the students. Edna was a beloved […]

Captain John Santee [1730-1807]

209 years ago, Revolutionary War Veteran Captain John Santee died. He was my Great (x7) Grandfather and had four children of his own.  He was commissioned as a Captain in the Northampton County PA Militia On May 9 1776, and became a Captain in the Pennsylvania Flying Camp.

Rosanna Eliza Williams Gardner [1865-1922]

Today is the 151st birthday of Rosanna Eliza Williams Gardner [1865-1922], daughter of Robert Newell Williams [1831-1906] and Sarah Priscilla Loghry [1848-1917] and my great-great paternal Grandmother.

Benjamin F. Cresse [1845-1929]

87 years ago today marks the death of my Great (x3) Paternal Grandfather Benjamin F. Cresse. Born in February 1845 in Indiana, Benjamin was a Private in the 22nd Light Artillery Battery out of Indiana during the Civil War starting in October of 1863 at the age of 18.