Is this a discussion?

I originally saw this years ago on Thought Catalog but wanted something I could print larger so I made my own version and changed it up a bit (PDF link).

Mike and Rene’s Wedding Slideshow

Recently Nice Marmot Web Development had the privilege to create a slide show for a wedding Kerri and I were to attend.  It was the first time I worked on a project of this type, and I think it came out pretty well.  The bride and groom chose the photos and music; I just put everything together to their satisfaction.  It went over really well and although people were reacting to the content more than the form of the show, it was nice to see people experience my effort and enjoy the results.

Rocky Point, Mexico

In April we took a short family vacation to Rocky Point, Mexico.  We stayed in a beautiful house that Kerri’s Uncle Dave rented in Las Conchas and the kids had an absolute blast.  Much-needed rest and relaxation! The view from the house was something to behold.  We were fortunate to have gone and had such good company!