Tell me what you really think, Jane!

Jane Schwendinger of the Austin Genealogical Society doesn’t care much for me.   Today I got this message out of the blue: Although she’s obviously got a stick up her ass, she may have a point.  Any suggestions on how I can do better?

Seven years

I love growing old with this lady (though it’s good for her that she doesn’t seem to ever age).  Happy anniversary, hon.     

Max’s Mustache Bash

Max’s third birthday party was a Little Man’s Mustache Bash (a ‘stache bash if you will). Uncle Kyle made the awesome invitations: And we had to add a little flair before mailing: I had so much fun planning this party and making the decorations. I’m glad I started early, because I went back to work the week before the party, and I got nothing done that week. A taste of my handy work: I had lots of fun putting together the goody bags! There’s lots of fun mustache stuff to be found! On the menu was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (cut into mustache shapes) by Nana, baked mac n’ cheese by Mahmaw, pink lemonade and root beer floats. The floats were a huge hit, and I will definitely do that again. I’m super proud of the signs I made. They took me a full day to make. I’m still learning! Activities included decorating ties, making a face out of felt, and pin the ‘stache. Max had a great time had his party. I asked him the next day what his favorite part was, and he said “talking to everybody!” Not the awesome trucks he got, or yummy chocolate cupcakes, or getting to run around like a crazy person with his friends. But getting to chat it up with the people he […]


The kids experienced their first snow today! Although I think Max got more out of it than Abby! “My footsteps are following me!” “It’s snowing cats and dogs!” After the second round of snow, I was all done with the snow thankyouverymuch. But not Maxwell. He wanted to stay out, and stay out he did. While I took off my many layers, Max was admiring my beautiful scarf Lia made me and asked if he could wear it. I think he pulls it off quite nicely! Max’s Canadian family will be proud to know that Max did not shy away from the cold and snow. He loved it! And to celebrate the funky blizzard in the desert, we had tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner (and mommy had hot chocolate for dessert, yum!). Great way to end our snow day.